Songs From The Bridge

Come On!

This was written literally the night before it was recorded. I took it to a friend who was working in a recording studio which was a part of a project called… [Read More]

The President Of Butterwick

This is addressing farm diseases. I live in a town surrounded by farmland so our local media contains updated agricultural news and you… [Read More]

The Devil On My Shoulder

This was written the night before it was recorded. I took it to a friend who was working in a recording studio which was a part of a city music project. Ian… [Read More]


I played most of these parts into my TS10 composer workstation over a months period. The electric guitar is the only instrument that isn’t played into the… [Read More]

The Bridge

This is a song addressing mental illness. I grew up with a person who was mentally ill. I could only understand him about 70% of the time. His illness was never treated… [Read More]

Illusions E.P

I put this E.P. together purely for myself. The songs were recorded at different times and were never meant to be joined. It was only when I went back to the last… [Read More]

Angel Of Light

This was written for my mum. Every songwriter should write a song for their mum. This is another production that I started creating on… [Read More]

We Travel Alone

We may join in relationships together whether it is a partnerships of love, business, pleasure or whatever, but ultimately we go through… [Read More]

Love And Peace

I recorded this one with a good friend, Ian Scott, who is a classical pianist and a professor of music. I asked him to play his piano part in either Classical or Baroque style… [Read More]


This one of the rare love songs I wrote. I don’t do love songs normally because I am not in this song writing adventure for the money… [Read More]


I was talking to a very good friend of mine and we had both come to the conclusion of how lucky we were compared to a lot of… [Read More]


Another play on highly visual lyrics. Every line conjuring up imagery. Only this time of the glitz and glamour of the Californian dream… [Read More]

The Winds May Blow

A new friend of mine was supposed to turn up to experiment with me in a song writing exercise. He was late, so while I was waiting for him… {Read More]

Here’s To All The People

This production is purposely slow moving and quite long. Another gradually rolling out production, this time with an anthemic chorus that’ intended to get the audience involved… [Read More]