The Bridge

This is a very laid back, soft (soothing) performance and a very serious subject for me. It is a song addressing mental illness. I grew up with a person who was mentally ill. I could only understand him about 70% of the time. About 30% of the time he acted irrational. His illness was never treated and it left him desperately lonely throughout his life because he was very difficult to understand. I loved this person very much and only understood later that he was ill. For years I thought that he was just trying to be difficult like everyone else did, then the penny dropped. So when I was with him I tried to assure him that I was always there to help if I could? The idea for a mental bridge became important to us then. While writing these lyrics I imagined his plight in the verses. The chorus is me meeting him in the middle.

I recorded this along with my band and studio engineer Ian Firth at the studio were he works at not far from where I live. He has a very good knowledge of recording technique after being trained at university in sound technology. He taught me loads with regards sound engineering and sound production in recording studios and this set me off to set up my own personal studio and record alone. Anyway, if not for Ian this would have been an idea rather than a finished recording. He brought his French horn along to add to my orchestral arrangement.


Paul – Vocals, Acoustic guitar, TS10 Composer workstation; piano, Synthesizers, strings, oboes

Lee Ireland – Electric guitar

Omar Wilson – Bass

Rob Franks – Drums

Ian Firth – French Horn

Marklew ©

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