The Winds May Blow

A new friend of mine was supposed to turn up to experiment with me in a song writing exercise. He was late, so while I was waiting for him I started creating new melody lines and I found chords to go with them. The songs whole melody was finished in around half an hour. After waiting for this guy for about 35 minutes, I decided to come up with lyrics for this and it happened extremely fast. The whole song was completed within an hour. I had my recording room patio door open watching the wildlife flying around my garden and came up with the title In My Wood. I changed it an hour later to The Winds May Blow. As it happened my new friend never surfaced at all but I was pleased anyway because this was picked out of the sky without much thought or effort.

As usual I turned to my TS10 composer workstation and programmed the drums and bass. When they were done I recorded them into my studio software and added acoustic guitar, vocals and electric guitars etc. A week later another friend of mine who just happens to be a soulful drummer popped by with his kit and replaced the drum machine part with his live drum kit. I then replaced the keyboard bass with a real bass guitar part and added slide guitar, tambourine and Sleigh bells.


Paul – Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Slide guitar, Bass guitar, Sleigh bells, Tambourine.

Rob Franks – Drums

Marklew ©

Album; Songs From The Bridge

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