Written and recorded at home on Ensoniq TS10 Composer Workstation and on Pro Tools studio software.

This was an experiment from start to finish.


Paul; Vocals, African toms, Drums,

(Clean) Bass, (Fuzz) bass, Electric piano,

Piano, Vibraphone, Synthesizer, Synth Strings

Lee Ireland; Electric guitar

Marklew (C)

Album: Songs From The Bridge

From the album ‘Songs From The Bridge’

Now available on; Itunes, Amazon and most internet musical outlets.

If you like this music you can help promote it instantly with a couple of clicks.

It will be planted straight into the heart of major ‘National Public Radio’ stations across North America, South America and Canada.

Copy this;

Paste it here;

Copy and paste this too;        Please play ‘Socrates’ by Paul Marklew on ‘World Cafe’

‘World Cafe’ is the largest radio program spanning across the whole continent of the America’s.

Thanks for being there,




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