Angel Of Light

This is another production that I started creating on my composer workstation. When I had completed it I took it to a friend Iain Firth’s recording studio. Iain is friend who is a professional recording studio engineer. He runs a studio in Hull, UK (the nearest city to me) and works as an engineer for television companies in the UK. We recorded me singing with my trusty acoustic guitar. Then we recorded all of my composer keyboard parts into his protools system. And then I invited my friends to complete the rock band recording.

The song was written for my mum. Every songwriter should write a song for their mum!


Paul; Vocals, Acoustic guitars, Electric guitars, Workstation composer; Drum machine, Bells, Synthesizer, Organ, Electronic percussion

Omar Wilson; Bass guitar

Rob Franks; Drums

Marklew ©


Album; Songs From The Bridge

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People power! lol

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