‘Is music a form of art to enjoy, or a form of art for communication?’

I was asked this question while I was scratching out a load of corny love lyrics groaning about my then girlfriend who had just dumped me! lol To me this was a valid question that seriously got me thinking. Two or three days later I came to the conclusion that it was both. From that point I decided to drop the love song cliché’ and create my lyrics as a communication tool. And this is what my entire train of thought has been with regards writing songs ever since then.

Releases, promotion and great news…..

So Far I have commercially released one album Songs Of Fragrance which is now available from iTunes, Amazon, CdBaby and most good internet based sites. Physical copies can be bought from CdBaby,com. The cool news is that this album has been aired on National Public Radio network (NPR) in the USA. NPR radio stations have taken it on board and have been airing it in their weekly schedules. I also recently found out that one of the songs from the album called Breathe In Deep has become popular on college campus radio all across the network.

I am not backed by any company. I fund myself. I have been broke through all these recordings and I work alone. All the music that they are playing is totally home made but I am using pro recording equipment which takes up all my spare cash. It is a labour of love.

Other astounding news…..

Baring in mind that I have no cash or contacts in the field, the first album Songs Of Fragrance is being aired on the largest radio station in the United States called WXPN which is in Philadelphia. Tracks from the album are being played because of public demand.  The station has heard this music because of normal people like you and me asking for it in a quick email. People power. This huge radio conglomerate hosts an international mainstream show called World Café and this show has been playing tracks from the album. World Cafe’ is aired two hours a day from Monday to Friday on every National Public Radio station at once, which includes 897 major stations that are in every major city in North South America and Canada. It is our equivalent over here in Europe to the BBC world service news bulletins but this for highly regarded up and coming popular music.

We the general public have much more sway and power than we realise. I know that now! If you would like to help get this music out there you can with very little time and effort. One click and its done. Contact WXPN radio here http://www.xpn.org/about-xpn/contact-xpn and ask them to play one of your favourites tracks from Songs of Fragrance on the show World Café’.  The radio station link provided makes it quick and easy to message them.

Thanks for your support.

Stop press;

A new album called Songs From The Bridge is to be released on 30th June. You can read more on the Home page. Feel free to have a listen through to the tracks, it’s all here on the site. Promotion for this is just beginning as I write. It’s long overdue.


There are other many recordings that are unreleased. The process is still ongoing and I will release them in the future when the time is right.


There’s a few reasons for this website. One is to show and promote some of my music in one place. Now whoever does a search for it can find it without having to skip around on the internet. Another reason is to showcase some of the songs that I wrote while I was in the indie band Submarine – UK as well as promoting solo albums. I have never made most of  the Submarine – UK songs available in one place until now. There may be music officials in the recording industry that are scouting around for quality thought provoking songs for their artistes? Maybe there are music publishers out there who are looking for quality material to publish? Maybe even film makers doing the same? There’s plenty for them to view here.

The catalogue….

My whole catalogue is a constant ride of lyrical and musical exploration, using as many different musical styles, platforms and interesting subjects in the lyrics as possible to keep it fresh to both me and the listener. The idea is that you’ll not know what is coming next? Just like I haven’t a clue. Being a singer I have naturally concentrated heavily on the lyrics. We singers are story tellers. Whatever I come up with I always end up going back to my roots of starting to write with my dad when I was around 8 or 9 years old. He set my mid free and introduced the concept of imagination.

All of this music is copyrighted – Marklew ©