I was talking to a friend and we had both come to the conclusion of how lucky we were compared to a lot of people. We had both at certain points in our lives gone through the mill. When you go through bad times it kind of helps you to appreciate the good times. He and I are both socially and politically minded animals and we often discuss political issues like war, in which our country is almost always involved with. I remember us talking about loneliness too and how this can make many lives miserable. He then looked at me and questioned that maybe these are good subjects for a song?

When I got home around 7pm that evening I picked up my acoustic guitar and this song wrote itself. This all came together so fast that I recorded it that evening and gave it to my friend on a CD the next morning as a present.


Paul; Acoustic guitars, Vocals

Marklew ©

Album; Songs From The Bridge

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People power! lol

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