Illusions E.P.

At first I put this E.P. together purely for myself. The songs were recorded at different times and were never meant to be joined. It was only when I played the last Beatles album and listened to ‘The End’ that I thought of joining songs together. But unlike the ‘The End’ which is parts of different songs grouped into one, maybe I could join full songs into one long playing track. An E.P. type of scenario?

All six songs speak for themselves.


Paul; Vocals, Acoustic guitars, Squeezebox, Sand block

Ian Scott; Piano on ‘Love And Peace’

I have made this E.P. available as one single track so you can buy all six songs for less than £1 or $1 from Amazon, iTunes and most good internet music sites. are selling it for $0:39 for a short while.

Marklew (C)

Album – Songs From The Bridge

If you like this and would like to share it? You can share it with hundreds of thousands of people at once by clicking here and messaging the largest radio station in North/South America and Canada. Ask them to play it on the international show ‘World Café’. This is the largest radio show in those countries. They already have the album and they will respond to your request. 

People power!

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