This one of the rare love songs I wrote. I don’t do love songs normally. Love songs are the most popular subjects of lyrics in popular music because they are easier to sell. I try to avoid this subject so that I can explore other interesting subjects in words. This one just happened and I went with this because I meant it. I wrote it for my x wife who didn’t think much to it and not long after pissed off and left anyway!

Musically I built the full production on my TS10 composer workstation, then recorded all the parts on Pro tools separately. I added my acoustic guitar and vocals to the mix. Then I invited friends of mine into two separate sessions. Rob Franks played the brushes and drums. Ian Scott played the piano. Suddenly it became an evergreen timeless production.


Paul – Vocals, acoustic guitars, Composer workstation: plucking violins, vibraphone, synthesizer, bass, sound effects

Ian Scott – Piano

Rob Franks – Brushes and drums

Marklew ©

Album; Songs From The Bridge

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People power! lol

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