Devil On My Shoulder

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This was also written the night before it was recorded. I took it Ian Firth who is a professional recording studio sound engineer who at the time ran a studio in my city as well as working as a sound engineer for television companies in the UK. We recorded and mixed a few tracks that are on this album over a three or four day period that week. My ‘surrogate band’ who are my best friends were invited to rehearse this new material and record. We rehearsed this one just like the others for about an hour before we recorded it. We gave each song that week an hour only, each individually working the separate parts into shape. Each studio session was quick because of the studio costs. The next day I met Ian at the studio and recorded the backing vocals. Then we set to work on the production and finished it that day.

After this week of recording, because the studio costs were so expensive I bought my own pro tools recording studio software and slowly but surely learned to do every job on my own. Never again would I ever enter another recording studio but my own.

Lyrically I am touching on something that we all go through. No one is an Angel. We all try to be good. Unless you’re a politician and a professional liar! lol We never admit even to ourselves that we may break the hidden rules sometimes? The battle of good and evil is ongoing.


Paul; Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Synthesizer

Lee Ireland; Electric guitars

Omar Wilson; Bass guitar

Rob Franks; Drums

Marklew ©

Album; Songs From The Bridge

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