The President Of Butterwick

As a Veggie, it feels right to pen songs and make light of subjects about diseases in farm animals. I don’t think that this subject gets covered enough…..

Butterwick is a real village not too far from my home town. I’ve always liked the name ‘Butterwick’ as a quaint little English settlement. It sounds like a village from an olde English nursery rhyme?

There is actually a village not too far from Butterwick called Huggate. That’s where the teddy bears live!


Paul – Vocals, Electric guitar

Lee Ireland – Horse lead guitar

Omar Wilson – Bass guitar

Rob Franks – Drums

Recorded at Creative Music Complex – Hull, East Yorks.

Engineered by; Ian Firth

Produced by; Paul

Song; Marklew ©

Album; Songs From The Bridge

Now available on; Itunes, Amazon and most internet musical outlets.

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It will be planted straight into the heart of ‘National Public Radio’ across North America, South America and Canada.

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‘World Cafe’ is the largest radio program spanning across the whole continent of the America’s.

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