The President Of Butterwick


Most people dont know the sufferening that animals go through so we can eat a steak or a cheese sandwhich. Any dairy or animal based food product is farmed by a huge
industry that were built long before we were born. These are run by families backed by our governments for profit because this type of food industry makes billions worldwide.
We are born into and we grow up in a society that ignores all the suffereing and keeps it quiet so that these compainies can run many of these industies.

Factory farming is discussing. Type in this to google. If you are a caring person this is shocking..I don’t care how rich you are..its more about how smart you are and how caring you are. Do you have emotional intelligence?

Will you change consuming animal products to effect your enviroment?

When I look on youtube factory farming I am amazed at the length that farmers will go to make money. I dont want to put anyone out of business but business is a human
construct anyway. Business destroys everything. Its all about making money which is a human construct. At some point we have to question morality. Businesses and morality are opposites. If you are into making money you will ignore everything here and move on. If that is the case then please leave.

We all know that using dumb animals for food is wrong? It may have been usefull in the past. As human beings we know right from wrong. And there many new products to buy to satisfy our cravings …

Can you put all animals on your level?? Little lambs with mum etc. Do you see what I am saying?? These are farm animals but they are also families…..mum and dad…

This is addressing farm diseases. I live in a town surrounded by farmland so our local media (when we look for it) contains updated agricultural news. Sometimes they discuss certain ailments or bugs that are attacking our farm animals but mostly this subject is kept under wraps.  Mad cow disease is just one disease that is thrown out into the media but there are lots of others that they don’t mention in detail because it would harm the meat industry. Look here; And I wouldn’t want to harm that! The last report I saw before I wrote this song was that scientists are finding antidotes to mad cow disease in chicken shit so I documented this in the lyrics. The President of Butterwick himself is an imaginary chief land owner of agricultural farm land. I wrote these lyrics in English nursery rhyme style to go with the feel of the name Butterwick.

My background…

I am actually a qualified meat inspector by trade and an x butcher too and I learned truths about animal diseases at university that we don’t get told about in the media. The more I learned about this and about cruel conditions for some farm animals (only some) the more I edged toward vegetarianism. I packed in the meat trade completely not long after gaining all of my qualifications and now I’ve been a vegetarian for well over 25 years. It makes sense to be backed up with qualifications in our world of commerce. But I quickly learned that this huge industry meant the suffering of animals. They maybe stupid compared to us but I believe now that farming animals to eat is wrong. It may have been done for millennia but Imagine if you were being farmed to be killed for pleasure? Would you want this for you and your kids?  I’m as fit and healthy as I was back then. Only, every now and then I do miss a pig sandwich or a cow roast. Packing up meat is like packing up smoking or any other addiction. You only get the urge every now and then. Then it passes. When you have seen the dark side of anything you avoid it like the plague.

The production…

This recording was engineered by a friend and professional studio engineer Ian Firth at a studio that he was working in the nearest city to my home. It was recorded in the same week as a few songs on this album.  The band performing are close friends of mine. I organised these sessions to when they could make it. They turned up not knowing what to expect and they had never heard this song because it was written a couple of days prior the these recording sessions. Even I didn’t know how it would turn out. Some of our sessions were bad but this one of the good ones.

Ian hooked up each instrument with a separate microphone and we rehearsed it in the studio live room for an hour before Ian pressed the record button. This take was mostly recorded live. I returned next day to record backing vocals.

During the first session I learn that Lee the lead guitarist had just bought an octave pedal which was his new toy. I knew that when you click to turn the octave pedal on that you can control a single note to go up or down with the foot pedal, or even wobble that note with the foot pedal. So I asked him to forget conventional lead breaks and to create his own instrumental lead using this foot pedal. His octave pedal had a single octave span. So I asked him to set it to maximum limit and to go the opposite way, forget anything he knew on guitar and invent something new and while he is jumping up and down the octaves he could make his lead guitar neigh like a horse! The neighing guitar is Lee answering my vocal line in horse language rather than blues.

Old English great village names near my house…

Butterwick is a real village not too far from my home town. I have always liked the name Butterwick as a name for a quaint little English settlement. It sounds like a village from an old English nursery rhyme?. There is actually a village not too far from Butterwick called Huggate. That’s where the teddy bears live! Huggate is a future destination for another song.


Paul – Vocals, Electric guitar

Lee Ireland – Horse lead guitar

Omar Wilson – Bass guitar

Rob Franks – Drums

Marklew ©

Album; Songs From The Bridge

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