Songs From The Bridge – NewAlbum

SONGS FROM THE BRIDGE – The new official release The lyrics …. Most of the lyrics are extremely deep and thought provoking.  They explore; Mental illness, geopolitics, loneliness, the inner struggles of good and bad, gratefulness, war, agricultural deceases, blessings, hopes and dreams, love, psychological analysis of the inner voice and much more. The album […]

Help me to choose a new Single

With The new album Songs From The Bridge, I need a Single to be released from it. The problem is that I can’t choose which song to pick because I am too close to them all. Can you help me pick the best song out? Which one do you think will be more favoured by […]

The Journey Begins

A BIG thanks to Logan. Thanks for the kick start dude! SONGS …. If you like unique songs with an interesting subject, then you’ve just landed on the right spot. There’s over 50 recordings here so far……and still growing. Every song style is different from the last one making this collection of music highly exploratory and […]