Songs Of Fragrance

Far Out

This is Indie rock, but it isn’t an instant ‘grab you’ type of song. It is extremely laid back and it slowly unravels as it goes along, gradually building up… [Read More]

Breathe In Deep

I added this track to my solo CD album ‘Songs Of Fragrance’ available from Itunes, Amazon and other international music outlets… [Read More]

You’re My Friend

Indie Rock musicians are always interesting to me because most of them don’t plagiarize. Especially on the guitar. I have always loved Indie music ever since… [Read More]

Los Suburbia

Here I was trying to write an interesting catchy tune that seems to move along without getting boring, but only using 2 chords on the guitar to write it with… [Read More]

Diamond Toys

This is one of my personal faves. More highly visual lyrics here about how stardom turns people into almost royalty status when all the rest… [Read More]

The Grave Of New Orleans

I wrote words for it too but they were baaaaaaaaaaaaad! The words were revisited around mid September 2005. I know the approximate… [Read More]

The Opposite Way

I liked this song because of the lyrical meanings. I wrote it after I heard an interview with Sting. When he was asked what his next project is, he said… [Read More]

You Know Who You Are?

This was written in about an hour and took around three days to record and mix on my trusty Pro Tools LE. I was quite pleased with this because it… [Read More]

Eastern Travels

This is one of the few instrumentals that I dared to put together. It took me quite a while to play the parts. I put a lot of time and effort in trying to… [Read More]


The lyrics started out as a imaginary dictionaries explanation of the word ‘Humankind’. It was an experimental song. I was finding… [Read More]


Constantly pushing myself as a songwriter, I wanted to create an interesting song with just one single chord. It took quite a while to magic… [Read More]

Bye Bye

I finished the lyrics after I watched a documentary on youtube about NASA. They mentioned about the huge costs of each project… [Read More]

Breathe In Deep (Acoustic version)

I did another solo version of this around the same time (which is a full band arrangement), The full band version has been popular on National… [Read More]