Diamond Toys

This is one of my personal faves. Highly visual lyrics here. The subject is about how stardom turns people into almost royalty status when all the rest of us are just left around to watch them living their privileged high life. I was trying to make these lyrics as visual and colorful as possible almost to the point of being filmatic. All the time I was writing these lyrics I had the Hollywood movie industry in my mind. I’ve done this many times now, thinking in terms of images.

I had never written or dealt with a Latino musical style before so it was very exiting to experiment down that road for a change. None of my old original band mates would have ever wanted to do this kind of huge jump in musical style. But hey…here on my own I can do whatever I wanted to do without a squabble. So I did. I jumped straight in head first and loved every minute of the process.

I recorded all the parts on my keyboard workstation first, which took a month or so. Then I went around my musician friends houses begging and scraping for contributions, apart from the drums where I employed the fantastic talents of Joe Crabbtree (from the band Wishbone Ash) who is also an indredible session drummer. And they were all absolutely amazing!

All in all, this could be a 1950’s mambo ditty? Or music for a movie? As far away from the British pop charts and as you’ll ever get!

Bueno. lol


Paul – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, TS10 programming including; Piano, Organ, Squeeze Box, flute, Bells, Clarinet and Percussion, I even used real pots and pans from the kitchen! Lol

Jon Scott – Bass

Steven Spamer – Saxophone

Darren Darnel – Mandolin, Double Bass

Joe Crabtree – Drums

Marklew ©

Album; Songs Of Fragrance

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People power! lol

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