You’re My Friend

Independent artistes have always interesting to me because most of them don’t plagiarize. I have always loved independent music ever since I discovered some of my favorite successful bands like Radiohead, Ben Folds five, XTC, The Jam, the Police, U2, Yes, Queen, Genesis and the Beatles in no particular order. There are lots more that I could mention but I’m sure you get the picture? These bands may not be seen as ‘Indie’ in todays sense of the pigeon hole but they were definitely independent compared to their pears. They ignored most of the modern trends in the charts and they did their own thing. They created their own musical world. As innovators they found a way to play band music without stealing ideas. It’s a very brave thing to do because most loners get ignored outside of the mainstream. Only a few have been very successful. 


Here I set myself a new challenge as a lyricist. Write a simple catchy song with a world wide subject. Whoever is out there listening to it should be able to relate to it? I finally came up with an international subject of friendship and out popped a love song for friends. I know that his subject isn’t new but it should tap into emotions that they can relate to themselves through personal experience?


I played all the very simplistic parts into my Ensoniq TS10 Composer workstation over a month and later recorded each instrument into my pro tools software in my music room. Later I invited two great musicians to replace the electronic bass and drums. A day after I had recorded their parts I plugged my acoustic guitar in and wacked on the overdrive pedal. Armed and ready! I kept getting told before that an acoustic guitar isn’t meant to be overdriven but this was independent music and here I was on my own with no one to reason or argue with. So my acoustic guitar was put on maximum overdrive, armed and ready. After I recorded this I turned off the overdrive and coloured the rest of the guitar palette with a clean sound to complement the recording.


Paul; Vocals, Distorted Acoustic Guitar, Clean Acoustic Guitar, Piano, Moog Synthesizer

Omar Wilson; Bass

Joe Crabtree; Drums

Marklew (C)

Radio promotion so far…..

I began to get this promoted with the album Songs Of Fragrance on small radio at first. Most AM/FM radio stations in the UK ignored it but after a few long years because of my persistence it suddenly happened in a big way on Triple A National Public Radio Network in the USA. This national network spans across North America, South America and Canada in all of the major cities. It’s huge. Triple A stations have taken it on board and have been airing this and the album often in their programs. It has also been aired on the largest radio station in the U.S.A, WXPN radio in Philadelphia. This huge station hosts an international mainstream show called World Café. This song and album has been featured on this show because of public demand. It is purely down to people like you who are reading this. People requested it and they actually listened to their public. This show is aired two hours a day Monday to Friday on all of the national public radio stations (897) and it is our equivalent over here in Europe to the BBC world service playing around Europe, but for highly regarded popular music.

If you like the song please support it and contact WXPN here and ask them to play it again on World Cafe’ – You will be sharing it with hundreds of thousands of people instantly.

Thanks for your support.

Album; Songs Of Fragrance

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