You Know Who You Are?

This was written in about an hour and took a few days to record and mix on my trusty Pro Tools recording software. I was quite pleased with this because it seemed to sound ok with just acoustic guitar and vocals, so I didn’t need to build on it like I had been doing with most of the other recordings.

I like the lyrics here because they are spreading a very positive message out there about not giving up. But in actual fact, I was talking to myself.

The truth is, when you are alone creating something on a long term basis, you are the only one who genuinely believes in it. No one else cares. There is no one around to bounce ideas around with and no one around to kick you up the ass. This is one of the reasons that Van Gough cut an ear off!! He was totally fucked off with all the frustration! No ones taking annnnnyyyy noooootiiiiiiccceee!!!!

So this is me giving myself reassurance. ‘You know who you are. You know you are being sincere and that eventually other people will relate to your hard work. So do not give up’.

Writing these lyrics and recording the song helped me to stay focussed.


Paul; Vocals, Acoustic guitars.

Marklew ©

Album; Songs Of Fragrance

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