The opposite way

I liked this song because of the lyrical content. I wrote it after I heard an interview with Sting. When he was asked what his next project is? He said that he didn’t know yet but he always liked to go the opposite way to what he knew. He said that when he did this, the new experience for him is always fresh, exiting and he learned more. Very interesting to me..

The musical style here is influenced by Andrew Lloyd Webber Jesus Christ Superstar. I had to do some searching and I found the piece of music that stuck with me in all of his music which is called ‘Pilates dream’. A small dittie from Jesus Christ superstar. I tried to write a full song to expand on Andrew Lloyd Webbers ‘Pilates dream’ but it ended up like Ben Folds Five song ‘Mess’ which is also up there with some of the best Independent music out there..

It’s a style that I had never entertained before. I played all the parts into my beloved TS10 composer keyboard, then the bass and drums were replaced by proper musicians!


Paul – Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, TS10; Accordion, Organ, String Section, Percussion

Omar Wilson – Bass

Joe Crabtree – Drums

Marklew ©

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