The Grave Of New Orleans

This song was written while I was in the band Submarine – UK. Hear us here. I wrote lyrics for it back then but they were bad, with a capital B. The words were revisited because I liked the song concept and melodies. I know the approximate date of the lyrical change because 29th August 2005 is etched into history as the date that hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans. Why they give devastating storms like this a female name is beyond me? The female of the our species is more caring than the male. They should call them after the surnames of leading male psychopaths like Blair, Bush, Obama, Cameron and Trump, just to name a few!

At the time, I watched this catastrophe unfolding on our UK mainstream news and it hit me deep, even though it was thousands of miles away. I couldn’t even imagine experiencing this around my area? I felt for these people and the Bush administration seemed to react very poorly in the aftermath? Maybe a genuine African/American president would have been more sympathetic?

The production here is like the calm after the storm. It was recorded into my keyboard composer workstation, Ensonique TS10. This has very real samples of other stringed instruments. I also played drums/brushes into my Pro Tools personal studio.  I must mention that I love Claude Monet’s paintings. He was a great impressionist painter. I’m a terrible musician that can wangle a good impression! lol I recorded all the parts alone (including the piano) which took about a month. I always play each part very slowly in all of my recordings, in real time and literally note by note, two fingers at a time. That’s why it is very slow to get it all down.

When I had done the lot with this one I called a friend of mine, Ian, who is a classical pianist and x orchestral director. Ian came to my house to tinkle on the ivories around what I’d already laid down. He recorded his part in one take….just like that! The other instruments took me weeks and weeks!

Because this production is piano based and I invited a master pianist to lead the way and suddenly this one went from quite good to goddamn amazing!!!


Paul; Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Drums, Ensoniq TS10; Harpsichord and Dulcimer

Ian Scott; Piano

Marklew ©

Album; Songs Of Fragrance

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