Bye Bye

Bye Bye is an acoustic remake of an old song that I wrote when I was in Submarine – UK. I re wrote the lyrics for it here because the lyrics in the first recording were totally crap! I penned these newer lyrics after I watched a documentary on youtube about NASA. They mentioned the huge costs of each project. I came to the conclusion that it seemed totally bonkers spending such vast amounts of money on space programs when that money could be used to help the Impoverished around the world that are suffering down here? Or maybe even start using some of this cash to develop already designed engines that don’t use fossil fuel? The internal combustion engine has been used since its first invention in 1884. If burning fossil fuel is causing greenhouse gases and the planets global warming then why not spend some of this space budget on counteracting it?

But after doing research on who owns a lot of the worlds oil reserves, I realize now that our internal combustion engines are going to stay with us for a lot longer than are necessary.

Don’t forget to recycle your garbage today folks. The planets flooding……bye bye!



Paul; Vocals, Acoustic guitars

Marklew (C)

Album; Songs Of Fragrance

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