Breathe in deep

I wrote this song while I was in the band Submarine – UK. We recorded it but I wanted to improve on the arrangement myself and take it a step further. I also wanted to get this recording promoted on radio which has happened in a big way on mainstream National Public Radio in the USA, which spans across North America, South America and Canada. Triple A National radio stations have taken it on board and have been airing it in their daily programs. It is also popular on college campus radio stations and has been aired on the largest radio station in the U.S.A called WXPN in Philadelphia. This huge station hosts an international mainstream radio show called World Café. The album Song’s Of Fragrance since its release has been featured on this show because of public demand. This show is aired two hours a day Monday to Friday and it is our equivalent over here in Europe to the BBC world service, but for highly regarded popular music.

The situation in the lyrics really happened a few days before I wrote it. And the girl, Judy, was absolutely gorgeous! Most likely still is??

If you like this and would like to share it? You can share it with thousands of people at once by contacting WXPN here and ask them to play it again on the show World Cafe’ –


Thanks for your support


Paul; Vocals, Acoustic Guitars

Jon Scott; Electric Guitars

Omar Wilson; Bass

Ken Opie; Drums

Marklew ©


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