Breathe In Deep (Acoustic version)

This is an acoustic version of an old song that I wrote while I was in Submarine – UK. You can find submarine – UK here.

I did another solo version of this around the same time which is a full band arrangement. The full band version has been popular on National Public Radio AAA Network (North/South America, Canada) and college campus radio stations in the states, which took me by surprise.

The event in these lyrics really happened in my past.


Paul; Vocals, Acoustic Guitars, TS10; Vibraphone

Marklew ©

If you like this and would like to share it? You can actually share it with hundreds of thousands of people at once by clicking here you will then be messaging the largest radio station in North/South America and Canada. Ask them to play it on the international show ‘World Café’. This is the largest radio show in all those countries. They already have the album and they will respond to your request.

People power! lol

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