Help me to choose a new single

With The new album Songs From The Bridge being released at the end of the month I need a Single to be released from it. The problem is that I can’t choose which song to pick because I am too close to them all. Can you help me pick the best song out? Which one […]

What I do for a living

I’m a part time male stripper at a local bar. I’ve been stripping for around 20 years now. Nah, only kidding! lol My real job today is a band leader for a guitar based cruise band. We are a full time resident guitar based band performing classic music to live audiences while traveling from country […]

The Journey Begins

Tap on the title to read…… A special thank you to Logan Marklew. He’s one my of my brothers sons and one of my soul buddies. He’s kicked me up the ass with regard to this website and set my passionate work free to throw it out there among the dogs. Imagine having your beloved […]