Far Out


This is an Indie rock song but it isn’t an instant ‘grab you’ type of song. It’s more like a journey. It is extremely laid back and it slowly unravels as it goes along gradually building up into a huge climax and then goes full circle as it slowly breaks down again into nothing, back to the way it started. It is more like an classical movement from 2 or 300 years ago than a rock band arrangement. I saw it in my minds eye as panoramic sunrise to sunset. I was mesmerized by Vivaldi The Four Seasons at the time and wondered if I could create a summers day from dusk till dawn as a songwriter, but record it in indie rock?

The lyrics are about tuning in with nature and the wild life that we often forget is carrying on around us regardless of what bills we have to pay. I seriously love the summertime and I have always been a nature lover so this was the perfect platform to express my feelings about the subject.

I wrote this while I was in the band Submarine – UK. At the time we recorded it. I re recorded it again here and it is now presented at last as I imagined in the first place including lots more orchestral parts and featuring a spanish nylon guitar.


Paul – Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, TS10: Piano, Organ, String section, Harp, French Horns, Trombones, Percussion

Jon Scott – Electric Guitars, Nylon string guitar, Bass

Joe Crabtree – Drums

Birds and Sheep – Courtesy of Keyingham Fields, East Yorkshire


Joe Crabtree from Wishbone Ash is also a London Session drummer. He played the drums. I also invited a very talented local chap (Jon Scott) to play Electric and Nylon acoustic guitars and bass. They were both amazing. I had already pre recorded every part on my TS10 composer workstation which took me months and months of preparation blood, sweat and tears. Both Jon and Joe perfectly fitted into what I had already recorded and replaced the TS10 drums and bass.

Snug as a bug in a rug. There’s a joke in there somewhere! lol

Marklew ©

Radio promotion so far…..

I began to get this promoted on small radio at first but after a few years it suddenly happened in a big way on mainstream National Public Radio in the USA. This spans across North America, South America and Canada in all of the major cities. Triple A Network National radio stations have taken it on board and have been airing the album  in their programs. It has also been aired on the largest radio station in the U.S.A, WXPN radio in Philadelphia. This huge station hosts an international mainstream show called World Café. The song and album has been featured on this show because of public demand. This show is aired two hours a day Monday to Friday on all national public radio stations and it is our equivalent over here in Europe to the BBC world service, but for highly regarded popular music.

Album: Songs Of Fragrance

If you like this and would like to share it? You can share it with hundreds of thousands of people at once by clicking here http://www.xpn.org/about-xpn/contact-xpn and messaging the largest radio station in North/South America and Canada. Ask them to play it on the international show ‘World Café’. This is the largest radio show in those countries. They already have the album and they will respond to your request.

People power!

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