Here’s To All The People

This song slowly unfolds into an exploration of dirty rock. This recording is raw. The parts performed are rough and bruised to go with the lyrics.


I am a fan of the band Queen. I grew up with songs like Freddies We Are The Champions and We Will Rock you, so it was often in my thoughts to write an anthemic chorus that joined us all together. While I was writing this a friend of mine made the ultimate choice, he committed suicide because of depression. This shook me to the core. Obviously it affected my mood and it got me thinking very deeply, much more than usual.

We create our reality and it’s all in the mind.

This is for Andy L.


If I don’t mention band production I am doing this at home and it is a new venture….Ian firth is still here as a guide but he is busy doing his thing on his own like me… we are breaking away…..

Paul; Vocals, Acoustic, guitars, Electric guitars, Lead guitar, Organ, Effects
Omar Wilson; Bass
Joe Crabbtree; Drums

Marklew ©

Album: Songs From The Bridge

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People power! lol

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