New album official release


The lyrics ….

Most of the lyrics are extremely deep and thought provoking unlike most of the stuff that you will hear in the top 40 charts. They explore; Mental illness, geopolitics, loneliness, the inner struggles of good and bad, gratefulness, war, agricultural deceases, blessings, hopes and dreams, love, psychological analysis of the inner voice and much more. The album kick-starts with a blast of sarcasm. 

Recordings and production ….

It is highly produced, yet sometimes very dirty and raw depending on the mood of the lyric. A couple of the arrangements are piano based like on the first solo album, but now they are mostly guitar orientated. All of this was written, arranged and recorded to sound original and timeless. If it was released in 20 years it shouldn’t date. At least that’s the idea. There is nothing modern in here. Just heartfelt good honest performances from some world class musicians.

Promotion ….

The album release has been set to coincide with the launch of this website. The album will be sent to radio stations on the National Public Radio Network (N.P.R.) in The U.S. and Canada. This was done for the 1st album Songs Of Fragrance. After slowly gaining momentum it ended up being aired all over the N.P.R. network on a regular basis and it still is. Voted for by people like you who emailed a radio station to ask for a song from it. 

This is the direct contact to the largest radio station in the U.S.A, South America and Canada. Just one click and you can request your favorite! Now you have power at your finger tips!! lol

Availability ….

‘Songs From The Bridge’ is now available from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Cdbaby and just about everywhere else on the internet worldwide. But if you want the album or individual tracks for a limited low price (U.S. $3.99 for the full album or $0.39 per mp3) for a limited period only, click here;

Onward and forward……

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