The Journey Begins

A BIG thanks to Logan. Thanks for the kick start dude!


If you like unique songs with an interesting subject, then you’ve just landed on the right spot. There’s over 50 recordings here so far……and still growing. Every song style is different from the last one making this collection of music highly exploratory and far from dull. The perfect package for all of this music would be a ‘Lucky bag’.


Some of this music is being aired on National Public Radio (NPR) stations over North, South America and Canada requested by people like you. Many tracks from the 1st solo album  Songs Of Fragrance are being aired by public demand. The radio interest for it came long after it’s release, probably because there was never any attempt to be commercial or modern? Feel free to check out why on the ‘My Music’ page.


A new album Songs From The Bridge is being been released very soon and plans are underway to repeat the radio interest and more with this new collection. You can hear the new and older solo material by clicking the ‘My Music’ page too. All of the music from both albums will be available on Itunes, Amazon, Napster, Rhapsody etc any way now….


This band was one of my past ventures before I started recording as a solo. Submarine – U.K. has a page on this site because the songs were written by me. They were arranged and produced by the band as a whole.



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