The Journey Begins

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A special thank you to Logan Marklew. He’s one my of my brothers sons and one of my soul buddies. He’s kicked me up the ass with regard to this website and set my passionate work free to throw it out there among the dogs. Imagine having your beloved art work that you nurtured and sweated over most of your adult life sat in a cupboard? Not literally but hypothetically. Every time you create a new piece of art it goes into that cupboard and doesn’t come out ever again to see the light of day. You crying yet? How many people has that happened to in the past? Then one day some young dude comes along slaps you in the kisser, creates a website and puts up your art work in a matter of days and suddenly there it is. The golden platform! I’ve been way too busy to learn to create a website and I haven’t been in the position to do this anyway for at least 6 years. I’ll explain much more in the next blog. So it’s taken someone else to get involved and get it done quick. Better late than never, right? Now I’m busy writing like mad to fill in all the gaps.

The door is open and I can smell the fresh air! Thank f- -k for that!

Now that we’re connected have a listen through the music and if you like any of it maybe you can drop a comment in the box? I’d love to hear from you. Maybe have a read through the ‘About’ page too? I explains a lot more there.

Speak soon




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